Friday, August 18, 2017

2017 First day of School

 First day

 The bus stop crew.

 Penelope and I ~  My beautiful , intelligent and busy bee daughter.  I wish for to have an awesome year!  She is playing volleyball, Strings and band.  She wants to join the Speech team too. She makes me proud everyday!  
 Penelope & Eric!

 Dom~  10 years old ~  last year of Grade school .

 Domenic~  This summer I have noticed he is turning into a young man.  He has found his group of friends and he is confident. He still loves to create worlds and loves learning everything!  He doesn't want to play an instrument...  but i am making him.  Only because he had to play a recorder last year.  He memorized every note and can play songs with out looking at the notes.  He plays it like he does games and his memory is incredible. So,  if he plays at least one year of an instrument,   he might enjoy it too.  Plus,  band will help him interact with other students .

 Mario- 2nd grade   ~Domenic 5th grade ~  Penelope 6th and started middle school

 My four beautiful , creative and super amazing tribe!

 This super sweet and handsome young man will be celebrating his 8th birthday in three days.  Yesterday he started 2nd grade.  Marzipan ( my nickname for him)  is a great kid.  He is so intelligent and creative. I love his imagination and I hope that never fades.  He will do amazing things in life.  He has that "it'  thing about him.  None of my kids are anything alike.  They look alike and that is about it.  They all have found their own interests and love to share that with each other.  Eric and I are truly blessed .  I mention that a lot in my blog.  The way i see it~  It is great to realize all the wonderfulness in my life.  It hasn't been easy with any of my kids.  It has been work and struggles.   The positives are that they are healthy and loving.  That is all I can ask for.

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