Monday, July 10, 2017

We Bought A New boat!

 We started the month of July back on the lake!  We sold our old boat and bought a new one.  It was a great feeling being back on the lake.
 First time it ever touched water!
 The kids love it!

 My mom , dad and nieces , sister in law and nephew came out to visit.  We all went out on the  Party Barge.
 Gabriella celebrated her 13th month on tappan lake.   July2nd
Eric is very pleased about this purchase.  I got the New camper ~  He gets the new boat!  Next~  a new home ...  When the right one shows up!

  I love the lake.  I love our camp lot and I love the New boat.   (  A  lot of loving going on here)  It is perfect.  I am thinking about two other lots for next year :)  But I would be completely fine if we stayed at our lot forever.    All my friends are right there and it is private.  i do not open the door and see anyone and nobody sees us.    I like my privacy.  I would be fine if never saw a neighbor or heard a neighbor.  

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