Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gabriella ~ A year old already

 just 20 days late on this post...  But Here are images from Gabs first birthday!  No huge party -  Just family and a ton of love!   We went to Olive garden  and back home for cake.  Aunt jenn got her a car and she got a few other items she can park her booty in  ( Swing for outside , two chairs )  Plus ~some fun motor skill toys .
 Here are the kids -  Four wonderful  and kind kids!    I wish I could keep them all right at this stage for a few more years.  Every time I blink one of them grows another inch.

 Sweet Gabs~  She is still nursing and we have no plans to give that up anytime soon.  Today she was fussy and I tried everything from food, diaper change, cup with juice, & toys.  I said to her "Tell me what you want Gabs?"  She cried out   " I want boob".  Bless her little heart!  And that is what made her happy again.
 Gabs is taking four to five steps  each times she tries walking.  That is good and we are not rushing this one bit.  She is learning at her own pace and each day she tries more and more on her own.

 messy birthday cake -   Clean Gabs afterwards

 Funny story-  I allowed gabs to be naked for a few  minutes after a bath.  I took a bath with her so i went to get clothes while she roamed around the hallway and living room.  One minute was too long to be without a diaper.  She went right to her new yellow chair.  Lifted the LID!!!  and went #2 inside ( usually a place for small blocks to be stored.)  Impressed  that she did it there and not on the carpet.  Thankful that it  was easy to clean out and disinfect. She is smart.  no doubt in my mind that she will be easy to potty train.  She loves to pick up phones and say 'hello".    she yells for the boys when they shut her out of the their room.  And her MOST FAVORITE activity is pulling any type of repetitive item out of their containers.  tissues, wipes, wet naps , toilet paper.   Buying a box of tissues for $1.00  is worth the 25 minutes  of fun so I can put laundry away.
happy First Birthday Gabriella !  We love you!  Thank  you for teaching that nursing a baby is much more than just food.  It is your comfort  and safe place at the moment.  P.S.  it is mine too.

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