Wednesday, March 15, 2017

We will keep looking~

 We did a second walk through of the house we liked in Wheeling.  It is pretty ~ but it is not perfect for us.  Also-  the 100 year old electric scares me.  Some of the electric was updated - but all the bedrooms were not.  If I am spending as much money as it cost to build-  I want it to be completely safe.  It is beautiful- but one over worked wire can ruin everything.  We went in the house wanting to make an offer and then walked out not even wanting to...   I am completely fine with that.  There will be more on the market and we can wait it out.  Now-  if the seller would drop the price by$100,000 ~  Then I would be up for it and have someone redo all the electric.  The problem is the dry wall would have to be redone, and painted  after fixing it.  I am not moving into a house that needs work like that  and paying over $260,000 in Wheeling,WV.  I just will not do it.  So - we continue our search for our forever home.

This week updates-

 Penelope is having a blast in Florida.
Mario and Domenic are enjoying the extra attention.
Gabriella got one of her top front teeth.

This weekend we have the tappan lake lottery.  We probably will stay where we are at-  but we are going to see what lots are available.

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