Saturday, January 07, 2017


It is finally happening~  Eric and I contacted a realtor and will be looking at a few homes this week.  
  All of these homes are in our Favorite area in  Wheeling, WV.  Eric and I both lived in this area before we  started dating.  My sister lives down the street from all the listings too.  
  We have been going back and forth about this for many years.  The only thing keeping us here is the fact that Eric's dad built this beautiful home.  Sadly~ we have out grown it.  Eric works in Wheeling~ my friends are in Wheeling~  our Dr.s are in Wheeling.  We go out to eat in Wheeling & shop!  It is time to move back.   
   We are considering sending Domenic to the  Linsly School.  We would be closer to it . Driving him there from Moundsville everyday would be a pain. 
   We are also considering property in Ohio county.  We like the idea of building a home.  
One step at a time!  I am super excited that we are finally at this point!  

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Gabriella 7 months old

Gabriella is 7 months old.  She still nurses and she is feeling better.  November she had a rare disease called scaled skin syndrome.   so rare Only .5 out 1 million get it.  Not even a whole person.  I think it is the environment ( fracking)  Williams plant to blame.  It is so odd that two of my kids get some kind of rare diease and it only happened when the Williams plant opened up.  Anyhow... another day for that rant. 
  Gabs is saying "boob" she started that in november.  She mimics the sounds to "I love you"  and she sits up all by herself.  She scoots her little tush across the floor in a sitting position and she rolls around everywhere.  Lately she has been getting up in the crawling position.  I give her another two weeks and I bet she is crawling.   She is 15 and some ounces.  30 percent in weight and 70 percent in head and length.    
  We are using the Ferber method on her this week.  She is doing great with it... and eric gets all the credit for it.  My boob start leaking and my nerves get overwhelmed when she screams.  She hardly ever screams on my watch. 
    She is an amazing baby.  I love her personality.