Monday, February 05, 2018

Penelope is 12 years old

My sweet Penelope is 12 years old. She really is an amazing girl and I am blessed to have her. She is strong, smart and talented.  I love her honesty & thankfully she still enjoys being a kid.  I can still hear her tiny voice when from when she was littler.  I still picture that little girl at times.  Eric and I are proud of her accomplishments that she has already conquered . everyday we see her changing and growing.  I DO WISH at times that I could go back and hold her as a baby again.  It feels like a flash going by .  Maybe b/c I had three kids in four years.  I love you Pea!  You are awesome and more than I ever wished for .  thank you for being you! 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Christmas 2017 2018 new years day

 Eric and his Siblings.  Their Aunt Phyllis rented a community building before christmas .  Fmaily members got together.  It was nice. 
 The kids christmas morning.

 Tradition is my side of the family comes over for what others call Christmas eve... We call it day before christmas dinner.   LOL or Jehovah claus.  Aunt jenn ( my sister )  always spoils the kids . 

 The Big man arrived after the kids went to bed and my parents left. 

 Penelope got a kayak.  She has been wanting one for a while. 

 New years day we went to my parents. 

 I am not sure why -  but Christmas was different this year for me.  It went by fast. But Christmas day  had a weird energy.  We went to Eric's sisters house.   She did  not seem like she wanted any part of entertaining.  I felt like I was the one to blame for that.  My other sister in law has cats and I can't breathe for a week after spending time there. So,  I asked if someone else could do it.  Anyhow-  it just didn't feel right.  eric's side never eats at the same dinner table together. We get together and no body says prayer or give thanks.  It is just the act of eating... in different rooms.  I did not grow up celebrating holidays -  but I loved watching movies where big families all sat around a beautiful spread of food at a dinner table- TOGETHER!  This has been my complaint for years.  This year it really got to me.  Not only did we sit separately, but the feeling felt so forced. I am not sure how to change it.  I have ZERO space at my house. I would love to rent a place and do this for everyone-  But I would it cost so much money. Maybe this 2018 holiday we will just have a family christmas dinner and then have other family members come over to exchange the kid gifts. 
   The lack of change in my life is really getting to me too. personal change -  Personal growth. 
 i will blog about it later.  I am already damaging this post .  Just go back and look at the wonderful pictures.