Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kids - my family

 Domenic-  Every single day this kid is creating some contraption .  he is an inventor .  His brain works in a way I will never understand and I love watching him do what he does.  He loves his alone time.  He does not get it often enough.  The other day he was so happy to have the whole vehicle to himself while I drove us back from the lake.  Eric had the other three.  He relaxed and took a nap .  right before his nap  he said "  yes, I  have all this space to myself.  "  Bless his heart.  He never complains.  he does his homework as soon as he comes home.  He never whines about it either.
 Penelope has a cast now.  she has not complained about it much.  I am surprised .  It would drive me crazy.  She is doing great and is much more organized with her school work .  I know it has only been a week-  but I think she is off to a great start.  She is even throwing out unneeded papers as soon as she gets home.  She does complain after school , but not nearly as much as last year.  She is doing her home work with out complaints.  She usually just needs a quick snack and a drink of water to put her back in a good mood.
 All four.  I really need to get my good camera out and take pictures of all four .  But this will have to do for now.  Time is flying by and these kids are growing fast.  I love each of them so much -  my heart could burst.  I am blessed and thankful everyday .  it gets crazy at times, it gets messy a lot. I love it all .  i could live with out trips to the ER , but we all survive and say our prayers at night.

 Penelope is on the Flyer ( front cover) for the MWCD .  She did the Explorers of nature program at tappan lake.  She loved it.  I am so glad the lakes are offering kids fun learning activities again.  I was starting to wonder if Tappan was turning into a grown up jamboree in hills- party lake.  Nature needs to be explored and relaxing.  I hope they continue to make the parks all family friendly again.  Tappan lake was always my safe place.  A place where I explored and grew up.  I looked forward to spending the summer there and meeting new friends.  It is where I met some of my favorite people.
 Mario !  goodness this kid makes life so exciting.  His brain is always wondering and his only wish is to bring back dinosaurs.  he believes he can make a time machine.  Bring back dinosaur eggs and raise dinosaurs.
Our amazing , sweet and creative kiddos on their first day of school.  Mario in first grade.  Domenic is in 4th grade and Penelope is in the 5th grade.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Gabriella update/ Penelope broke her elbow

I am behind again-  Well-  That happens in this crazy life.
  Gabriella had her upper lip and tongue tie clipped.  Amazingly-  This has helped once again with nursing .  She is able to latch and stay latched.  We could give her a pacifier... but since she never liked one -  we decided to do without.  She is an awesome baby.  The blood in her stool has stopped.  She is gaining weight too.  I am so happy that the new pediatrician got us into an ENT.  Instantly ,  they clipped it.  she was sore the first day, but after that I have not pumped or gave her formula.  She is amazing.
  Penelope went to the Marshall county fair and rode a mechanical bull.  The guy running it started it really fast and flung her off the bull .  She slammed on the ground and cracked her elbow.  We got a phone call to pick her up and take her to the ER.  Turns out another boy broke his elbow too.( that day , same ride)  I have not contacted  anyone over this yet.  But I think something needs to be  addressed.  The ER contacted the Sheriffs Dept. to stop the ride.  I heard they put more padding down and started it up again.  I do not blame the family she went with, but I am upset that her summer has been cut short.  She is handling as good as a 10 year can.  I feel bad for her.
  Her spirits were lifted up when she saw her picture in the paper and then Muskingum The girl needs feel good.  She is also an amazing soul.
  I have been trying to get back on track and catch up on everything.  I went to Dr.  and hopefully I can get to where I need to be and start feeling like I am control of everything again.
  Yesterday Mario and I celebrated our birthdays.  He is 7 and I am 37.  Where did the time go?
  How did this happen?
  This past weekend we went to fair and it was fun.  I saw family and old friends. Part of me wants to build a home in Smithfield and live there again.
  I honestly do not like living in Moundsville.  Washington Lands is  not where I want to spend the rest of my life.  Our neighbors are troubling.  They are in out and out of jail.  This time they harmed a little girl and that makes my stomach crawl.  how did this neighborhood become so gross.  I know that is why the nice families here do not allow their children to come up and visit.  How can a parent allow a child to walk near a sexual offender alone?  they don't and they should not!  This is not the first time.  I read in the paper this is the second time they are accused of these actions.
  Two years ago it was drugs and pill head junkies walking up and down our road.  Now this.
  Eric and I should be able to raise our kids in a nice community.   Kids should be allowed to run around until the street lights come on.  I hate that it is not that way here.  I dislike having to be on the look out every freaking second they are outside exploring while we are home.  At the lake,  I am able to allow them to go tot the corner store, play, ride bikes and have fun.  Home should be the same way.
I will update more with pictures.  I just need to get an evening with a baby sitter to do that.